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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code


James Bredin

Whatís this all about in that book Da Vinci Code?
Has it caused such a change in our subservient mode?
Especially women; present at the churchís foundation,
Those same still denied the sacrament of ordination.

Has the power of the Church been dragged into question?
Once the inquisition would have stopped this suggestion,
Because only those who have the faith, know the truth,
The remainder is fictional secularism and uncouth.

Did someone change the early gospels way back then?
Additions, deletions, changed or buried by pen,
No known Gnostic stuff and what did Constantine change?
Was Jesus and Mary Magdalene an item rearranged?

They said Mary Magdalene was a hooker at that time,
Then they changed their minds back in nineteen sixty nine,
More altered additions and deletions to behold,
Whatís right; whatís wrong and what else should we be told?

Who are they who question the foundations of the faith?
What changes were hidden in the gospels in those dates?
Canít question the celibacy of pompous priests,
A job where women are not allowed by the prince of peace.

And those Gnostic guys, they say got it completely wrong,
Booted out of the Church because they didnít belong,
Secularism, feminism and Internet today,
Causing sacrilegious problems that wonít go away.

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