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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians: we are in it up to our necks

Canadians: we are in it up to our necks


James Bredin

Saddamís UN oil for food scandal has receded a bit,
Shredders shred the evidence down in a deep pit,
Or deleted it in cyberspace so it is gone,
Ideas of criminal charges had to be withdrawn.

But itís still there, right and left, on the Internet,
Lists of where billions went so we canít forget,
The greatest rip-off in the history of mankind,
Billions of dollars and Swiss marks reassigned.

Is the UN so big that itís completely isolated?
Canít criminal charges be pushed or even debated?
Can all these corrupt crooks all walk free as the birds?
Canít we rock the boat because this is what they preferred?

And then they push Kyoto to impose global taxes,
Conspirators conspire by their cell phones and faxes,
Call it global warming and developing nations,
Their Swiss bank accounts improve with no complications.

But Americans and Australians will not be amused,
Nor India or China but the rest of us are confused,
And as Canadians we are up to our necks in this stuff,
Adscam Liberal corruption was never enough.

Prime Minister Harper playing his cards close to his chest,
He may have fooled some but Iím not too impressed,
Dump Kyoto before we sink in taxation mud,
Or like Joe Clark, it could end with a thud.

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