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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian recall and referendums

Canadian recall and referendums


James Bredin

We hope that eventually some politicians will be replaced,
Because many of them show that they are a total disgrace,
But we have to wait years and years for a distant election,
But if recall was allowed, we might improve the selection.

And why canít repeat pedophiles be dangerous offenders,
Legal aid lawyers looking for loopholes - all round pretenders,
Why do all repeat offenders manage to get easy bail?
Are we so blind to their intentions that we need Braille?

With referendums we could send Ottawa a memo,
This is a democracy and you are not "el supreemo"
With recall we could even put their jobs on the line,
They could do what we want, leave now, later or resign.

And parliament only sits for maybe half the year,
Why not the whole year just to show that theyíre sincere?
Could we have the death penalty reinstated?
How do we have these serious issues even debated?

Could we tell the UN, no more peace keeping guys,
Too many suicide bombers and dead soldiersí goodbyes,
When will we know about secret terrorist juvenile trials?
We need democracy now -- not propaganda for miles.

Why does every unwed mother get welfare for life?
Why canít they find a man and then be called a wife?
Why canít juvenile offenders be named or exposed?
Why no referendums or recall do you suppose?

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