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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Liberal leadership convention

Canadian Liberal leadership convention


James Bredin

I think Iíll run for Liberal leadership just for sport,
But how do I get this adscam crowd on side for support?
Apparently these Liberals have now changed the rules,
Donít need to be bilingual like previous pompous fools.

I have no Liberal connections to their adscam past,
Judge Gomery doesnít know me so it should be a blast,
I can claim to be socialist and love Chretienís Charter,
Which means nothing but I never said I was smarter.

But leadership candidates need a lot of money,
I canít figure why and I donít think itís funny,
I could claim to know Bono, the Irish rock star,
I realize of course this is getting quite bizarre.

And if I won, weíd be out of the Kyoto Accord,
Away from that UN international socialist horde,
Before it becomes another oil-for-food scandal,
Where evidence disappears like a Roman candle.

This, of course, is not what adscam Liberals want,
"Youíre not a socialist communist," they might taunt,
"I one voted for Mike Harris," I could shout,
But then they would call the cops and throw me out.

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