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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Kyoto Environmentalists

Canadian Kyoto Environmentalists


James Bredin

The sound of Kyoto fury still ringing in my ear,
Every UN environmentalist screaming in fear,
Claiming Canada canít change its mind and just pull out,
Though Americans and Australians no where about.

China and India got Kyoto excused long ago,
Canadians sold by Liberals like slaves to this dog show,
For UN appointments and Kyoto global taxation,
Secretly quietly like one of their hidden foundations.

Water under the bridge when they have titles in New York,
Fancy UN title for some adscam Liberal dork,
Deals made behind the scene for our UN Kyoto donation,
As payment for our global taxation and frustration.

But we can trade emission allotments they say,
Not taxes, not dollars but allotments in an area thatís grey
Weíre so lucky the adscam Kyoto Liberals are not in jail,
With their constant propaganda, they never need bail.

The attitude in oil-rich Alberta makes Liberals boil,
But with a National Energy Program they could foil,
If Trudeau did it, his Adscam Liberals could too,
Who will replace Kofi and which Liberal is due?

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