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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Arrogance of Nuclear Nerds

Arrogance of Nuclear Nerds


James Bredin

Sometimes they scream that our Candu reactors are safe,
But donít ask too many questions and no debate,
They want you to believe their government propaganda,
So thereís no need to ask questions about their agenda.

And wind power is a maybe because they have decided,
What if we had a calm day and the winds subsided?
And who are you to ask questions about technical stuff?
This interview is finished because weíve had enough.

Dishonorable Ontario politicians and ignoble,
Is it possible they learned nothing from Chernobyl?
While nuclear nerds like to talk high tech kilowatt hours,
Canít mention Three Mile Island or wind towers.

Dalton is going to phase out the coal burning plants,
As usual he is flying by the seat of his pants,
Tax and spend like mad amid stupid nuclear decisions,
No recall, no referendums and no revisions.

We donít need much power they say in Kyoto Accord,
Because of adscam Liberal decisions and reward,
But why were Bruce 1 and Pickering A closed down
Was it heat, cold, radiation or should we stick around?

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