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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Are the Liberals still around?

Are the Liberals still around?


James Bredin

Disguised hidden agenda in the guise of human rights,
Their tax and spend socialist scheme, meetings in the night,
Programs for this and that for their Liberal voting block,
Why were we the people never scandalized or shocked?

Soft on crime judges proclaimed another publication ban,
For no particular reason, just because they did and still can,
And no one ever questioned these pompous decisions,
The public right to know was hidden - not up for revision.

Canadians were not allowed to think, the system was bent,
That plus left wing politicians and the UN never relent,
They wanted us in Africa or somewhere else over there,
We couldn’t influence Rwanda in their genocide flare.

Liberals waiting directions from their left wing media,
Socialists and communists using the whole encyclopedia,
Because referendums and recall have long been banned,
In the guise of international socialism you understand.

Immigration multicultural refugee intentions,
As directed from the UN, I should have mentioned,
How many Liberal politicians should be in jail?
With no publication ban and definitely no bail.

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