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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A New Ghetto Building

A New Ghetto Building


James Bredin

The mother of the unwed mother was an unwed mother,
They only knew the ghetto type lifestyle and no other,
Where no one ever went to work though some went to school,
It was a place where social welfare types ruled.

They want to build many more buildings for single moms,
For them and their ghetto kids who turn into gang bums,
So they bussed some moms to a public meeting so discreet,
They would surely favour the socialist agenda complete.

But some moms didn’t want any more ghetto stuff,
Drug infested crime ridden killing gang bang enough,
Dangerous disastrous treacherous place to live,
Murdered members by the score not easy to forgive.

Because forty years ago they build square blocks high as the sky,
Filled them with baby makers though this they deny,
Hired social workers by the score to run the show,
Hired maintenance - no husbands needed to shovel snow.

Gave single moms status better than those who were married,
Welfare cheque, apartment, hydro, parking and never harried,
Why bother to find a husband among the many men?
But fatherless boys formed gun gangs amid this mayhem.

Add pompous politicians who just love this stuff,
Want more single mothers ‘cause they can’t get enough,
Send far away over there in order to get more,
While the people plead for tax relief and they’re ignored.

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