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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A Handy Little War

A Handy Little War


James Bredin

When countries become powerful they want to expand,
Their armies travel off to some other peoplesí land,
A battle here, a war there as history has shown,
Those that survive are heroes, pointed out and well known.

History is replete with these types of stories,
And afterwards they write about the dead and their glories,
Sometimes in books or on monuments of stone,
Since the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, this is well known.

Nowadays itís called peacekeeping so no oneís to blame,
The UN devised peacekeeping but the game is the same,
And off we go to some strange and god forsaken place,
Claiming bullets can fix things so there is no disgrace.

Surely someone somewhere can find a better way,
Accept that much of the world is in complete disarray,
It might be war, AIDS, starvation but nothing is resolved,
Though activists and media say all this can be solved.

There is no way much is going to change over there,
So please sit down and think now; why should we care?
Their dictators are in and democracy is out,
And only Israel seems to know what itís all about.

I think that each country should pledge to walk alone,
Stay out of other peopleís business and their war zones,
And those who threaten war or try to push the edge,
Should be sanctioned by a UN international judge.

Otherwise the UN has no reason to exist,
They now assist Swiss-account dictators, who persist,
And just as Saddamís oil for food scandal disappeared,
Their wars and Kyoto communism are weird.

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