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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - You can#t vote for your prime minister

You can#t vote for your prime minister


James Bredin

As a mere observer, I can tell you whatís wrong,
And Iíll do it for nothing -- not even a song,
When was the last time you voted for your prime minister?
Youíre a nobody who canít think of this as sinister.

The person running for election couldnít care less,
He/She doesnít represent you but will never confess,
Itís the prime minister he/she obeys - not you,
Youíre a nobody just standing there in a queue.

Your MP will vote exactly as he/she is told,
There are no free votes so no one is so bold,
Itís not what you or your constituency wants,
You are a nobody - not even affluent.

And the notwithstanding clause has never been used,
As terrorists with rights arrive and no one is accused,
Because they have rights all the way to the Supreme Court,
And youíre a nobody with little or no support.

No questions were asked when he appointed those judges,
About hidden vested interests or even grudges,
About feminism or even the same sex crowd,
Youíre a nobody and canít think these thoughts aloud.

Itís their adscam policies and Kyoto that will win,
Envelopes full of money that they use on a whim,
Oh yes, they say that they have now changed their ways,
Just remember youíre a nobody on Election Day.

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