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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Will the Country fall Asunder?

Will the Country fall Asunder?


James Bredin

I’m worried that the country could fall asunder,
Because adscam politicians were into plunder,
Envelopes of cash as they taxed and spent at the trough,
Bold as brass as they bought their way and never backed off.

Then denied knowledge of the remaining missing stash,
Millions or billions and maybe all in cash,
But constant callous propaganda pumped day and night,
In their newspapers coast to coast to show they’re alright.

Multicultural mosaic melting pot madness,
Mixed feminists, ethnics, gays, boldness and sadness,
Incoming millions of immigrants with Charter Rights,
Appointees, same-sex stuff, abortions that could incite.

They’ll bend over backwards just to keep the status quo,
Just to stay in office with that missing adscam dough,
Odious orthodoxies of the far out left,
Missing Mafia millions; was it outright theft?

Non confidence vote in parliament came and went,
With Liberal clapping and cheering like they’re not bent,
Though they deny and say they’re the best guys in town,
Gomery Inquiry showed how they fooled around.

The Quebecois of course are involved up to their necks,
Reason for their next referendum - not too complex,
They may declare sovereignty right after that,
Or will Chretien’s Clarity Act come up to bat?

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