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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Will Adscam Guys Stay Forever?

Will Adscam Guys Stay Forever?


James Bredin

If we re-elect them we’ll get more of the same,
More adscam corruption under a different name,
And we deserve what we get if we go down that road,
As they continue in their crooked tax and spend mode.

But they’ll announce a tax break just you wait and see,
As they declare more political appointees,
To the Senate or Supreme Court or some other spot,
One of their appointee quit when he got caught.

Spending taxpayers’ money as if it was their right,
Don’t have to justify when receipts out of sight,
Hidden in the Access Act where no one can see,
Can you remember the missing billion at HRDC?

Can you remember Shawinigate and Chretien’s Inn?
Where the ethics guy and RCMP said it wasn’t a sin,
And those friendly foundations where more is stashed,
So secret, no one even knows if the cheques were cashed.

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