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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - What's Next at the United Nations?

What's Next at the United Nations?


James Bredin

They shredded documents throughout two double o four,
Incriminating pieces of paper in every drawer,
Saddamís oil-for-food scandal had to be kept quiet,
Or the UN itself could set off an awful riot.

Anything and everything connected was shut down,
Years of shredding evidence left little around,
The biggest boondoggle in the history of mankind,
Names and places and billions all intertwined.

And now they have another called Kyoto accord,
Where shenanigans in the background completely ignored,
Where Chretien and Martin are in it up to their necks,
Americans and Australians pulled out to object.

And Kofiís job will be up for grabs later this year,
Corrupt unemployed adscam guys have no fear,
They survived four pages of scandals without a scratch,
That even the Auditor General could not catch.

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