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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN Water Under the Bridge

UN Water Under the Bridge


James Bredin

UN humanitarian attempts at humanity,
Saddamís oil-for-food scandal, currency and vanity,
Paper shredders worked day and night for more than a year,
Investigators found nothing so Kofi was in the clear.

And their legal fees, if any, paid for by you and me,
Because socialist always find it easy to agree,
And when and if they pull another oil-for-food scam,
These self-important politicians donít give a damn.

The greatest rip-off in the history of mankind,
Billions disappeared and no politicians maligned,
Donít know where the money as they give excuses,
And we donít know what to do about these abuses.

Pretending that itís all water under the bridge,
Donít rock the UN boat and thereís beer in the fridge,
Corruption up to their necks but does anyone care?
Is the UN flying on one wing and a prayer?

Use environment, as a decoy for their agenda,
As they pump out all kinds of Kyoto propaganda,
Goody-two-shoe stuff to make us all believe,
That rich dictators at the UN would never deceive.

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