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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN Secret Appointment

UN Secret Appointment


James Bredin

Politicians from hell who are into climate change,
Adscam under-the-table guys donít find this strange,
Envelopes full of cash and new religion they push,
Antics all hidden behind every smoke bush.

Americans and Australians are not in on this,
They donít want to even go near this abyss,
Plus China and India have all been excused,
Are we the only ones left to be abused?

Still our adscam politicians think this is great,
No need for referendums or any debate,
An impending vacancy at the United Nations?
For an adscam politician and no complications.

The adscam guys have manufactured this crisis,
And if we donít go along weíll die from bronchitis,
Or the sky could fall at least by Friday next week,
Before the election or another financial leak.

The adscam Kyoto boondoggle they will love,
Like the gun registry theyíve been told to shove,
Should an immigrant criminal register his gun?
As he votes, shoots, kills, does drugs and has fun.

What can we do about these lying politicians?
Who lie about adscam, crime and Kyoto conditions,
Who then call an election and beg us to believe,
Would these honest turncoat politicians deceive?

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