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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Trouble in Liberal Land

Trouble in Liberal Land


James Bredin

Finance Minister Martin didnít take adscam blame,
Didnít know where the adscam money went_ he claimed,
Ralph Goodale came along after Martin said good bye,
Someone tipped someone and certain shares went sky high.

Why are these adscam guys in office instead of jail?
Put in there by the mounties and given no bail,
Never mention Kyoto or shredded adscam books,
Would we be better off if we had Mafia crooks?

Theyíre going to have a meeting Thursday afternoon,
Or maybe another night in the dark of the moon,
Appoint some judges who will give more parole and bail,
To certain constituents who vote without fail.

Canada is forbidden to have one nuclear sub?
Canít build one, beg one, buy one or be in that club,
Have to buy old crappy subs from the Brits now and then,
That wonít float, make smoke, catch fire and kill good men.

We donít know where Hans Island is in the Arctic sea,
Do we have an ice breaker that we could go and see?
Because these Vikings are claiming it for some reason,
We donít know why but maybe itís the season.

Thereís a constant spin that these Liberals should win,
Itís in their morning media again and again,
And these politicians who delay every decision,
But tax and spend and travel with great precision.

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