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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Troubles

Toronto Troubles


James Bredin

Some politicians want to stay at City Hall for life,
And if they canít, itís the Commission for Human Rights,
At least their terms should be extended by ten years,
Or until the Leafs win the Stanley Cup, it appears.

Secretly doubled salary and maybe hockey tickets too,
Stopped a bridge to the island without one clue,
No need for referendums when they make all decisions,
And if things need to change they might make some revisions.

And the premier of Ontario will of course agree,
His gang too not noted for intelligence of any degree,
As they continue to send all garbage to the States,
No need for cellphone law, landfills or open debates.

How dare you even question any of their ethics,
Youíre allowed to sit back and admire their aesthetics,
How dare you point a finger and say things should change,
How dare you even think that any of this is strange.

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