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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Things You Didn#t Know

Things You Didn#t Know


James Bredin

Were you notified about dangerous offenders?
Escapees from halfway houses or other pretenders?
Pedophile psychopaths walking the streets near you,
Because they have more rights than you ever even knew.

Forget that, because another global crisis looms today,
Not the lesbians, the same-sex escapees or the gay,
Not what feminists on the Supreme Court implore,
So please turn out all the lights and close the door.

The environmentalists all have something new to say,
Turn on the TV, pay attention and donít look away,
Global warming is coming despite the snow outside,
And the bitter cold temperatures that canít be denied.

Just look up at the sky and you can surely see the signs,
Clouds that show civilization is into decline,
The prophets of doom want you to pay attention and care,
As their announcements are geared to ensure that youíre scared.

Have you thought of a donation to help their cause?
Cash or a money order and donít even pause,
Because the end of the world could be coming very soon,
Could be sometime before next Thursday afternoon.

The Kyoto Accord is the only way out,
We have to help Third World countries out of their drought,
The UN will give directions on how this is done,
Unlike the oil-for-food scandal, this could be fun.

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