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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The UN scandal, Canada and Kyoto

The UN scandal, Canada and Kyoto


James Bredin

Who was involved in Saddamís UN oil for food scandal?
Why we know their names - they all got a handle,
Mismanagement on a scale never seen before,
Then many retired, took the money and ran out the door.

Though our managed media then put it all in print,
Monstrous boondoggle and graft down to a the last hint,
Who ran those shredding machines to hide the paper trail?
Millions and billions coming their way without fail.

Supposed to be a humanitarian event,
Which Saddam and his friends decided to circumvent,
Then graft and fraud to stop auditors on their tracks,
Nothing is wrong at the UN so everyone relax.

They did it for years, for every dollar they could squeeze,
And when the shit hit the fan, the UN paid their legal fees,
Allegations of fraud and theft were all bound to fail,
The paper shredder worked so no need for bail.

Kofiís son Kojo was in it but this was denied,
How could the son of the Secretary General have lied?
The second interim Report meant nothing at the UN,
Itís all over, water under the bridge, amen.

Kofiís job is up for grabs sometime this year,
Canadian adscam politicians in line up I fear,
Payback for Kyoto - a boondoggle in the making,
Lots of photo ops and even more picture taking.

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