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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Trudeau-Chretien Charter Please

The Trudeau-Chretien Charter Please


James Bredin

The Trudeau Charter of Rights is not easily changed,
And your rights to property have never been arranged,
And no referendum - you couldnít vote - not allowed,
Quebec refused to sign it and they felt quite proud.

It gave rights to every terrorist on the globe,
With a belt of bombs strapped under his/her robe,
To push their cause all the way to the Supreme Court,
To the unquestioned appointees where they seek support.

They wrote the Charter so its difficult to fix,
Never attempted by the adscam Liberal hicks,
Needs approval of seven provinces to start,
Who have more than half the people with a heart.

Then of course the feds get to have their say,
And if itís the corrupt adscam guys - no way,
Because they claim itís their status quo tradition,
Encased in multicultural political conditions.

They are still trying to figure out world war two,
No nuclear subs, no ice breakers and none due,
As they blame the Americans for this or that or those,
But donít ask about adscam because there and then they oppose.

How much bad stuff is listed about these grits?
Pages and pages long and itís depression pits,
Though they say theyíve changed their ways and seen the light,
More taxing and spending with feverish delight.

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