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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Time to Change is Now

The Time to Change is Now


James Bredin

As we walk like a blind man towards Referendum Three,
The third Quebec referendum we have yet to see,
They could separate from the country as we well know,
But our politicians are locked into the status quo.

And itís all right on schedule every fifteen years,
But weíre not allowed to change or have any fears,
Because Chretienís Clarity Act has cleared the way,
Amid adscam corruption where they dodge and delay.

As they tax and they spend and they travel the globe,
And we are like zombies all missing a frontal lobe,
Liberals feel theyíre entitled to taxpayersí money,
Government executive jets waiting and itís funny.

Time to stop and think that maybe we should change,
Canít we accommodate Quebec and just rearrange?
And stop all this corruption and just look around,
Different constitution and no need to confound.

Forget Meeche where Mulroney and friends all failed,
Or Charlottetown where Clark and the country derailed,
Forget being Loyalists; we have to turn the page,
In this our bilingual multicultural stage.

Have referendums, recall and term limits too,
Letís be passionately bold and think up something new,
Proportional representation could be a start,
Before their Referendum Three tears us apart.

Where we the people control and not the reverse,
Gomery Inquiry showed it couldnít get worse,
And weíre going to have an election soon - big deal,
Nothing to what Referendum Three will reveal?

Letís try to change things before they go off the track,
Like right now before emotions go out of whack,
Can you see or hear one politician who cares?
Alberta has started looking at these affairs.

Canít turn back the clock like the pages in a book,
Now may well be the time by hook or by crook,
Before Referendum Three comes knocking at the door,
At that point in time it may be too late to ignore.

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