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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Illusion of Canadian Democracy

The Illusion of Canadian Democracy


James Bredin

Canada seems to work by government decree,
Bureaucratic dictatorship compelled to agree,
It happened for Litres and Celsius and much more,
No discussion about adscam and canít ignore.

Multiculturalism and bilingualism too,
Trudeauís Charter of Rights though not needed, thank you,
And we never question what they have arranged,
Told that this is the way it is and canít be changed.

Referendums forbidden except in Quebec,
Where every fifteen years they stop and they check,
Whether theyíll stay in Canada or separate,
They donít seem to care if itís right or appropriate.

They came within one percent in ninety five,
If they get much more, will the country survive?
Or will Chretienís Clarity Act then click in?
Was it the right question or is it a mortal sin?

Or will our politicians finally realize?
That this is happening and they didnít authorize.
Democracy might be a better way to go,
Triple E Senate and referendums we well know.

Plus recall, term limits and set date elections,
Could we maybe sit down and set these directions?
Or is it that democracy just canít be arranged?
Canít vote for a prime minister and nothing has changed.

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