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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Thank you, Justice Gomery

Thank you, Justice Gomery


James Bredin

Thank you, Justice John Gomery for your report,
Though Chretien is not pleased; says, heíll see you in court,
You didnít pull many punches and told it like it was,
Why is that so strange and do I hear applause?

You avoided their political propaganda,
But will Canadians still stay on their agenda?
Will Quebec be sucked in by their sponsorship plan?
Or is equalization enough for their clan?

What next will they do for national unity?
Double equalization at the first opportunity?
Are we just toy soldiers marching to their tune?
Are we moving along towards one of their communes?

What hidden surprises have they got in store?
Did you just scratch the surface and is there a lot more?
Will the right guy come out from under a rock and talk?
How many corrupt politicians will walk?

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