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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists and war-crime guys in court

Terrorists and war-crime guys in court


James Bredin

Terrorists and war-crime guys without any fears,
Will clog our Supreme Courts for many many years,
Legal aid lawyers just love international affairs,
When taxpayers pay all their bills but who cares?

Endless appeals because they all have Charter rights,
With soft justice system thereís no problem of flight,
Canít deport or get rid of them even if we tried,
As they scream holy murder and say they never lied.

And the secretly appointed Supreme Court,
Whose special interests no one can know or report,
Will allow the appeals for no apparent reason,
Dressed in red gowns because itís the season.

No saying what this is doing to you and to me,
Human rights activists want these terrorists free,
They consider the Americans too far right wing,
They lock up terrorists and do the right thing.

Trudeauís socialist Charter was written for them all,
Even pajama clad terrorists both big and small,
Supreme Court judges use it to make a decision,
Anything that comes to mind with great precision.

Decisions on abortions and gay marriage and such,
Isolated and far away from the common tough,
Where feminist and special interests might decide.
By secretly appointed folk with pomp and pride.

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