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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Sometimes you just don#t know

Sometimes you just don#t know


James Bredin

Has the justice system come completely off the handle?
Worst of the worst in halfway houses and no scandal,
While they frequently escape and commit other crimes,
You can’t complain in politically correct times.

You can but Liberal politicians are busy,
And overworked bureaucrats run around in a tizzy,
While escapees steal, rob or rape young ladies,
On their way to lift a Lincoln or a Mercedes.

And they only do two thirds of their sentence time,
Regardless of how many or dangerous their crime,
And while in jail, of course they’re all allowed to vote,
While corrupt politicians who gave them that right, gloat.

Halfway houses in Canadian cities here and there,
Probably one near you so you should beware,
Rapists, robbers and psychopaths - the worst of the worst,
People who live in these areas may indeed be cursed.

Straight from maximum security to the street,
Free at last with their sentence almost complete,
And no reason why they can’t just go on the lam,
They can just open the front door and away they scram.

Scores of parole officers’ grievances vanished,
Better behave or they’ll be employment banished,
But you didn’t know because no one told you so,
I read this on the Toronto Sun newspaper, bro.

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