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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Some Complex Questions

Some Complex Questions


James Bredin

If Quebec decides to separate what will we do?
Should we ignore them because it just canít be true?
Could we double equalization welfare payments?
Not just for Quebec but for all welfare claimants?

Because people and politicians can be bought,
As the adscam Liberals frequently thought,
Or should we finally use Chretienís Clarity Act?
Say we didnít understand the question and thatís that.

Why do they have referendums but weíre not allowed?
Do they have more rights while we remain cowed,
Why is Trudeauís Charter something on which we fawn?
While Quebec stood their ground and refused to sign on.

And when and if they announce sovereignty: what next?
Or is this question absolutely too complex?
Are there rules for fools in this chess game or what?
Are all the pieces and the cards being held by the Bloc?

Or are we lying to ourselves and hanging by a thread?
Does someone have an option - Internet advice instead?
Download Ottawa to the provinces, you immature,
Could foolish federal politicians veto this too?

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