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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Since Trudeau#s Time

Since Trudeau#s Time


James Bredin

They have been importing voters since Trudeauís time,
Carefully choreographed like their adscam crime,
Conducted immigration at the incoming flights,
No political complications for votes with rights.

Filled the welfare housing ghettos up to the sky,
Years of ESL Liberal input and they can rely,
Soft justice system where even prisoners got to vote,
Got bail or parole and then add one Tory turncoat.

As they tax and spend and travel here and there,
And the Access Act always hides exactly where,
Money is no object when you stand at the trough,
Taxpayers donít know about their occasional rip-off.

They want to turn the page on sponsorship stuff,
Adscam Inquiry they say is more than enough,
And all that corruption is water under the bridge,
Should we throw them out like rotten food in the fridge?

Timid and subservient Canadians look on,
Torontonians listen to the gun shots and yawn,
And sometimes wonder why the Liberals stay in power,
Allan Cutler showed the way - heís the man of the hour.

Now these imported voters are going to repay,
But maybe not in Quebec or Alberta they say,
But enough to keep Liberals pulling the strings,
Making their appointees and doing their things.

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