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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Should I bother to wake you up?

Should I bother to wake you up?


James Bredin

I’m almost afraid to wake you up from your deep sleep,
English-speaking sentiments run long and run deep,
‘Cause all that love and laughter could be in for a shock,
Canadian status quo is not as steady as a rock.

Though Lord Durham’s report is no longer enforced,
And the two nations warring never did get divorced,
Though Quebec was given immigration controls,
Those separatists seem to have captured their souls.

Multicultural bilingualism imposed,
Therefore separatism should have been deposed,
Except Quebec had referendums and we did not,
History back to haunt us as part of this plot.

Quebec refused to sign Trudeau’s Charter of Rights,
Though the Queen signed it to English speaking delights,
Centralized federation called confederation,
Apparently Quebec dislikes this innovation.

Near-victory referendum was a wake-up call,
Though Ottawa not known to be on the ball,
Got involved with adscam and thought they could buy their case,
The Gomery Inquiry showed that was a disgrace.

They seem to want a republic which is forbidden,
Therefore their referendum will be overridden,
By Chretien’s Clarity Act for Ottawa’s sake,
He who started adscam -- and the next mistake.

We need a new constitution and we need it soon,
Preferably by tomorrow in the afternoon,
Real democracy - not imposed - could save the day,
And we should do it now or soon without delay.

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