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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Seven Lovely Ladies from Lively

Seven Lovely Ladies from Lively


James Bredin

Lively is so small you might not find it on the map,
Donít hear much about them getting in a flap,
In Northern Ontario near Sudbury someplace,
Where people are good and not much disgrace.

Though seven lively ladies in Lively are confused?
When compelled to join a union they just refused,
Charter gives them rights to join a union - or not,
That piece about "not" government and union forgot.

Unionized against their will but who could have guessed,
Under our labor laws donít bother to protest,
Those who should have helped them, just ignored,
Called the Canada Industrial Relations Board.

Who allowed these ladies to overstep their bounds?
What vast right wing conspiracies here abound?
They should be chomping at the bit to get onboard,
They should get in line and do as they are told.

Government bureaucrats donít want to be involved,
Though itís their responsibility that it should be solved,
Letters and paperwork all gone missing and astray,
Now the ladies have dues and the taxpayers will have to pay.

The government code of silence allowed it all,
And the dear ladies from Liverly now feel so small,
Pushed by government, union and the Labor Board,
So much for the Charter and the so called rights accord.

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