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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Riots, Blasphemy, Heretics and Culture

Riots, Blasphemy, Heretics and Culture


James Bredin

Could we discuss cartoons or suicide bombers now?
Should we check with politicians to see if we’re allowed?
Is this blasphemy or do we have an inquisition?
Where is their nearest human rights commission?

Narrow minded offended by freedom of expression,
As their censor points to this or that as aggression,
And we’re not supposed to react because we have rights,
In the Trudeau/Chretien Charter of their delights.

And can’t use that banned phrase, "Canadian Culture."
Sold out long ago for something called "multiculture,"
And these multicultural types like to talk the talk,
While terrorists arrive with rights and walk the walk.

So much for freedom of speech and freedom of the press,
When it comes to information, we get less and less,
Like some suppressed Soviet culture we heard,
Propaganda and politicians and sheep in a herd.

We have more than our share of cowardly politicians,
Who change and relinquish according to conditions,
It only takes a Hitler, Stalin or Moe to ignite,
And you or you could be sent to a gulag tonight.

There was a time when they burned heretics alive,
But obnoxious champions of orthodoxy survive,
Does it all boil down to who believes in which god?
Let’s tiptoe through riots and blasphemy with a nod?

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