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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Referendum Drumbeat

Referendum Drumbeat


James Bredin

Their referendum drumbeat is getting louder,
Pumped up separatists seem quite happy and prouder,
The adscam scandal seems to have put wind in their sails,
Liberal under the table money and few details.

This is Quebecís third referendum on the matter,
We canít be involved as we listen to them chatter,
We canít understand them because they speak in French,
Brought by decisions made from the Supreme Court bench.

By those secretly appointed at his suggestion,
Decided it all depended on the question,
Will Chretienís Clarity Act be the next curse?
Or will it, like his adscam stuff, make it all worse?

Democracy for five minutes every five years,
Canít vote for our PM no matter how he appears,
Taking drugs, a homosexual or a religious nut,
Could organized special interests put us in a rut?

Party discipline makes sure no one represents you,
As they tell you that every word they say is true,
And the status quo system can never be changed,
As the drumbeat gets louder; could we be short-changed?

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