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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Please believe in Kyoto

Please believe in Kyoto


James Bredin

We’re all going to die because of what’s not in the sky,
We’re running out of oxygen and they why,
Ultra violet radiation will kill all the crops,
The sky is going to fall but we’ll be ready when it drops.

They figure we might be dead in about seven years,
But now we’re in Kyoto so we should have no fears,
The adscam Liberals, put us in it, up to our necks,
Majority in parliament push their pompous projects.

No need for coal electric generating stations,
All closed down by government declarations,
No need for cars or trucks or emissions from planes,
We’re going to be free at last and cast off our chains.

The adscam Liberals loved all these UN cults,
It didn’t matter to them, the outcome or results,
Despite the fact the Americans left long ago,
Plus the Australians didn’t join this oddball show.

Plus China and India had all been excused,
Like Saddam’s oil-for-food scam, they just refused,
It is hard to believe that we could be so naïve,
And corrupt adscam Liberals could make us believe.

Long range climate changes are to be expected,
But adscam Liberals thought about this and rejected,
They used their confidence and false faith as the cause,
Regardless of anything join Kyoto Accord.

The economy means nothing in this great affair,
Believe in the UN, the adscam Liberals and prayer,
So we have unemployment like the depression,
Just believe and have faith and show no aggression.

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