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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ontario Politicians Gone Mad

Ontario Politicians Gone Mad


James Bredin

Internet poet you may not have read on your screen,
Observant but well below their radar beam,
Not too pleased about stupid or corrupt politicians,
Or would-be communist totalitarian conditions.

"Oh," you smile and say, "It could never happen here."
But did you get the emission test on your car this year?
Think Germany, Russia, China, North Korea and more,
People lined up like soldiers pretending esprit de corps.

"But that was long ago," you say, "and very far away.
We have democracy and they know how to obey."
Dream on because they will not reveal their agenda,
Pull the strings and pump out their left wing propaganda.

A long time ago, idiots were sent to an institution,
Got them off the streets as a civic solution,
But the people of Ontario found another way,
Elect them to Queen’s Park and put them on display.

Let’s get binding referendums to help democracy,
To stop the autocracy of their hypocrisy,
To stop their taxing and spending like idiots gone mad,
Easily compared to Ottawa which may be as bad.

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