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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Multicultural Management

Multicultural Management


James Bredin

Bilingual multiculturalism coast to coast,
Slick government edicts never diagnosed,
Compliant Canadians at all times obey,
As the adscam Liberals point this and that way.

Multicultural management to cull the votes,
Among the millions of immigrants this promotes,
Plus their friends in prison and Liberals can count,
Propaganda for all to avoid a recount.

They tax and spend in their usual socialist way,
Travel the world for free so they’d like to stay,
Politically astute although not too bright,
Pompously pander to every left wing group in sight.

Conceal corruption; point the finger and accuse,
Hide Shawinigate, HRDC, adscam, billions in abuse,
Politically correct as they appoint their friends,
And we are led without question in their leftist trends.

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