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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Most provinces have huge deficits

Most provinces have huge deficits


James Bredin

Could a province refuse to give Ottawa money?
Equalization extortion ransom -- not funny,
They denounce fiscal disparities to get the vote,
Try to buy Quebec and those who live remote.

Under the table calculations gone more than mad,
Politicians pretending and trying to look sad,
Canadians will forever be denied a flat tax,
Adscam politicians tax, travel, spend and relax.

But you didn’t know you poor obedient soul,
While they’re at the trough and think they’re on a roll,
While you are taxed plus GST right up to your nose,
And they couldn’t care less if this winter you froze.

What’s written in the papers could be an outright lie,
By those who control the media and want you to buy,
Their half baked truths about envelopes full of cash,
Investigating their loot and so much hidden stash.

Irregularities in financial dealings she wrote,
Hidden questionable invoice to control the vote,
Political overtones forgotten in the fog,
Pointing the finger as the tail shakes the dog.

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