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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Money and Saddam#s Oil for Food

Money and Saddam#s Oil for Food


James Bredin

So UN sanctions meant nothing to Saddam and his gang,
In fact it played straight into their hands with a bang,
They got so rich they couldn’t even count their money,
Under normal circumstances this could be funny.

Representatives of famine, hunger, fear and droughts
Did their fifty two UN members know what this was about?
Amid Saddam’s oil-for-food carefully shredded books,
Is the UN a politically correct cartel of crooks?

Should I apologize or even mention this stuff?
Did most of the media avoid this, curiously enough?
Why was nothing done about this oil-for-food scam?
Is it because nobody really gives a damn?

The greatest rip-off in the history of mankind,
Now all water under the bridge and nothing left behind,
Because they spend years shredding every crooked book,
It doesn’t matter now where the investigators look.

Has the UN gone completely off the tracks?
Where representatives from hell make noise and relax,
Now they’ve got Kyoto which the Americans wont buy,
Nor Australia nor India nor China and no hue and cry.

No country has resigned from the UN in protest,
No one has been charged or even put under arrest,
We’re not allowed to notice, the UN might be rotten,
That smell in the air will just have to be forgotten

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