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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Misunderstood Kyoto Stuff

Misunderstood Kyoto Stuff


James Bredin

Adscam politicians looking for Kofiís UN job,
Ratified and locked us in with the Kyoto mob,
But not the Americans or Australians -- no thanks,
So we will pay developing countries to buy tanks.

And China and India were of course excused,
But thatís no reason for Canada to feel abused,
Weíre used to billion dollar boondoggle every day,
Plus taxed up to the eyes in deductions from our pay.

This is not like Saddamís oil-for-food scam last year,
ĎCause they say that in Kyoto we have nothing to fear,
Stop the global warming or the sky might fall,
So say adscam politicians still free having a ball.

Both Kofi and Kojo denied they were involved,
That scandal has been completely forgotten and solved,
Anyway the paper trail was shredded and trashed,
Not enough evidence to the investigation crashed.

There is no graft or mismanagement in Kyoto stuff,
And we may go into debt if they donít get enough,
And dictators with Swiss accounts will feel so good,
And none of this Kyoto stuff should be misunderstood.

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