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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Minority Governments Forever

Minority Governments Forever


James Bredin

Itís not just the adscam politicians we should change,
Itís their status quo system we should rearrange,
Theyíve got us locked in with their constant propaganda,
And we donít know where to go to get off their agenda.

We donít have an alternative so we canít think,
Their propaganda tells us not to notice adscam stink,
And when we get their tax cut we can rejoice,
But weíre already taxed to they eyes so what a choice!

Binding referendums and triple E Senate wont do,
Forget recall, term limits or system review,
Forget property rights in the Charter of Rights,
Nothing will change at their adscam Canadian site.

And no appointee will ever be asked a question,
Not to the High Court, the RCMP -- not even a suggestion,
As immigrants who vote Liberal come by the millions,
In this their vaunted vanity so vaudevillian,

The election call and the tax cut, the same night,
Nothing blatant about this - itís on track and alright,
Voters bought and herded like cattle at a fair,
No proportional representation but who cares?

They wonder why Quebec might want to separate,
Liberals hate referendums or serious debate,
They want a majority and just hate this minority,
Return to tax and spend with pompous authority.

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