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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Lounge Liberals Laugh

Lounge Liberals Laugh


James Bredin

The constant drip of their Liberal propaganda,
Medicine to ensure we’re on their agenda,
Injected daily in our heads through their papers,
By bought journalists up to their usual capers.

And worse; we the people don’t seem to have a clue,
And from corrupt politicians we’ll get what we’re due,
Led like sheep as they tell us more and more and more,
Eventually they’ll lead us through the slaughter house door.

Because nothing can be changed in their status quo,
As they lead us on to glory and spend all our dough,
In junkets here and there all over the globe,
As they tell us there was no need for that adscam probe.

Holier than thou pressure group from above,
Born again bureaucrats that you are obliged to love,
Bilingual phantoms who appear and disappear,
On contract for life so they have no need to fear.

Democracy done through biased surveys you see,
Bent leading questions they ask to you and to me,
And the results published as a foregone conclusion,
Same-sex stuff in case you think this is an illusion.

No democracy or referendums allowed,
With their secretly selected Supreme Court crowd,
Vested interests of course but no one knows what the are,
Not allowed to think that adscam was bizarre.

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