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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberals in Denial

Liberals in Denial


James Bredin

There’s an idiot born every minute they say,
They are not all Liberals into corrupt foul play,
Though some seem to have the symptoms of madness,
We saw the results in Ottawa - adscam badness.

Of course they are all into heavy denial,
One of the reasons so few of them go for trial,
They have their followers like any other cult,
And if you point this out they take it as an insult.

They appoint their friends to all the high places,
Senate, Supreme Court and they do it in our faces,
And your input means nothing so just go away,
If you’re a Liberal come back on voting day.

Their Kyoto multiculturalism cult decrees,
Global warming might grab us any minute you see,
Million imported voters to keep them in power,
Be careful ‘cause right wing Conservatives devour.

Pompous programs pushed daily in their papers,
Where more stuff is hidden especially their capers,
Where all news is bent to give it a Liberal glow,
And they never mention the missing adscam dough.

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