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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Idealism

Kyoto Idealism


James Bredin

The unemployed will eventually realize,
And come around to believe and idealize,
But having no income is not advantageous,
And hungry kids might no be so courageous.

For the greater cause of Kyoto agreement,
Stop those right wing elements who are vehement,
They can take their jobs to China, India or Hong Kong,
Or to New York State and go back where they belong.

Because the left wing religion will stop pollution,
Kyoto protocol will be the final solution,
And everyone will be happy for the greater good,
This is only reasonable and should be understood.

Itís just amazing why everyone canít see the light,
Canadians should cheer for Kyoto with mad delight,
And do what theyíre told in this repressive place,
As the Soviet Union; obedient in disgrace.

Too bad we have to learn the hard way,
That being obedient to politicians doesnít pay,
The adscam guys will make us unemployed slaves,
Filling Kyoto requirements to our graves.

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