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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - John A. MacDonald Knew Liberals

John A. MacDonald Knew Liberals


James Bredin

John A. MacDonald described the Liberals best,
He knew about Liberals back then but who could have guessed?
He wouldn’t say all Liberals would steal a horse,
But all horse thieves would vote Liberal of course.

But that was way back then, long ago and this is now,
But nothing seems to have changed much somehow,
Our adscam corrupt Liberals are up to their old game,
And like in McDonald’s time - everything’s the same.

They want to stay in power and it doesn’t matter how,
Make racist slurs in blogs about Olivia Chow,
And cash in unmarked envelopes passed between friends,
Maybe not horse thieves but you can see the trends.

They want Kyoto boondoggle on their agenda,
Global warming any minute in their propaganda,
Like committed little communists they persist,
They insist on a majority so we can’t resist.

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