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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Is Adscam Completely Finished?

Is Adscam Completely Finished?


James Bredin

The papers now tell us all that adscam is finished,
And their agenda in Quebec is somewhat diminished,
But being soft on adscam criminals is in,
Criminals allowed out on bail is always win win.

As all adscam appointees make major decisions,
The same-sex marriage laws of the land need revisions,
And then these adscam appointees just walk away,
Superior and isolated with nothing to say.

Who told the adscam appointees to be soft on crime?
Have the wheels fallen off or do they do it all the time?
When did they give the vote to criminals in jail?
Or give gun guys parole or allow them out on bail?

Who cares except the relatives of the dead?
Certainly not adscam appointees who are well fed,
What can we do to change this system around?
As they claim human rights to the gun shot sounds.

Why the isolation and why the soft on crime?
Why does it continue to happen all the time?
Why are we so helpless and no if, ands or buts?
Did adscam socialist Liberals put us in this rut?

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