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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Insider Trading Scandal

Insider Trading Scandal


James Bredin

Whatís all this insider trading scandal about?
Should I be suspicious; should I have some doubt?
Why does it seems like itís being kept under the rug
Where lounge lizard Liberals slugs feel so snug

Why is there no independent investigation?
Is this something like one of their secret foundations?
Where money disappears and sometimes reappears
And Liberal politicians improve their careers.

The silence from Securities Commission is loud
Could this be compared to some Mafia crowd?
Could conflict of interest be involved somewhere here?
Should someone ask the Ontario Liberal premier?

Itís about a series of trades on income trusts,
Unusual sudden numbers but whereís the distrust?
Iím not keenly aware of stock exchange figures,
Whose hands were involved or if he had light fingers.

But adscam Liberals have shown what theyíre about,
Envelopes full of cash sure caused me some doubt,
And no paper trail as Judge Gomery noted,
Why am I suspicious their stuff thatís sugar coated?

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