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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - If Quebec decides to leave

If Quebec decides to leave


James Bredin

Referendum Three is now coming down the road,
Feds running around in circles in a panic mode,
Though they deny this because they despise change,
They have their pride, their power so why rearrange?

Plains of Abraham so thereís no need to grieve,
No plan B if Quebec decides to leave,
Chretienís Clarity Act will save us all from sin,
Did I hear someone somewhere playing a violin?

Quebec should be proud of our Confederation,
Overlook politicians in consideration,
Accept equalization ransom payments and shut up,
And please not one more referendum cock-up.

Though taxed to the eyes and they donít know why,
Canít think of a reason Quebec would say "Bye!"
Are our politicians so deaf and dumb and small?
So blind they canít read the writing on the wall?

What if Quebec gets their fifty percent plus?
Will the Anglos in Quebec get the 401 bus?
Quebec never did sign Trudeauís Charter,
Imposed on us but they were a lot smarter.

Everything has worked so why rearrange?
No recall, referendums, flat tax or change,
They insist that we are all happy together,
And nothing can change here except the weather.

So session is serious but flat tax is not,
Adscam Liberals and the ethics they forgot,
I realize of course, they wonít take my advice,
Flat tax, recall, referendums and pride is the price.

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