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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - I might be a prophet, Stephen

I might be a prophet, Stephen


James Bredin

But Stephen Harper I hope you will do the right thing,
Not like adscam Liberals flying on one wing,
Get a new constitution and download lots of stuff,
From feds to provinces and call their bluff.

Theyíre worked up about unity as though these crooks care,
Another minority on a wing and a prayer,
Another election and indeed maybe two,
Before we get it right but we already knew.

Itís obvious by now that the system needs to change,
Endless elections with unity claims and pains,
We need to be able to vote for our prime minister,
Not someone presented to us who could be sinister.

I hope you have the intestinal fortitude,
Because we donít need another fool with attitude,
Because Quebec will have their Referendum Three,
Donít depend on Chretienís Clarity Act or the Cree.

So deal with the provinces on an equal basis,
All of them and donít throw stuff in their faces,
No adscam Liberal arrangements under the table,
We should do it soon while everything is stable.

You see, Stephen, I can see into the future,
Sorry to have to paint such a severe picture,
But, believe it or not, Stephen, Iím on your side,
And these future events will be nationwide.

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