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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Flat Tax my Friend

Flat Tax my Friend


James Bredin

Why are our politicians so opposed to flat tax?
No people in the world so overtaxed to the max,
That plus Mulroney’s GST could make a man cry,
Complicated calculations -- madness gone awry.

No justification or human rights near here,
Get the numbers right or have plenty to fear,
Just pay your extortionate taxes and none of your crap,
Wouldn’t want those tax guys to cause a flap.

Just fill out the forms and spell your name right,
Adding and subtracting enough to give you a fright,
Deductions for that and additions to this,
Don’t forget one number or the tax guys will hiss.

And each year it gets more compound and complex,
That’s the way they like it as you get more perplexed,
And you’ve been trained to be compliant and quiet,
Canadians forbidden to speak out or riot.

But certain countries already have flat tax,
Twenty percent would be nice and we could relax,
Though politicians and auditors hate this idea,
Might act in a panic like they had diarrhea.

The media or their papers don’t write about this,
Bought by politicians who think this is remiss,
It might interfere with their extortionate plans,
Adscam ideas and envelopes in hand.

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