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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Fatherless boys and unwed mothers

Fatherless boys and unwed mothers


James Bredin

Canada does not have patriots but once had loyalists,
Just before multicultural left wing journalists,
Before the Trudeau-Chretien Charter of Rights,
Before lenient appointed judges turned out the lights.

Before adscam politicians joined Kyoto parade,
Where Americans and Australians donít feel betrayed,
Where we are the ones locked in their UN agenda,
Pushed on by their pompous pumped up propaganda.

Before Quebec and Alberta talked break away,
Before GST, anarchy where they tax both night and day,
Before same sex marriage with managed majority,
Obedient party discipline and authority.

Before corruption and envelopes full of money,
Before they thought these antics were quite funny,
Where referendums and recall are not allowed,
Before hoods shooting guns began to overcrowd.

Where gun shots are the multicultural illusion,
More worried about rights than death and confusion,
Blame the cops, poverty, the Americans or others,
Not the fatherless boys or their unwed mothers.

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