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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Election Bribery Now

Election Bribery Now


James Bredin

The Liberals want to bribe us just to stay in power,
They don’t care about corruption and never cower,
They’ll use our own money to bribe us when we vote,
They could teach the Mafia how to stay afloat.

Activist doublespeak to multicultural mass,
Silky socialist jargon should get them a pass,
Going to give us a cheque to ensure we forget,
Gomery adscam stuff and we’ll never regret.

Or maybe we will at the next Liberal vandal,
In a Shawinigate or HRDC type scandal,
But that’s all water now washed under the bridge,
Though adscam still lingers on the next election ridge.

Democracy for five minutes every five years,
Voters boldly bought or bribed without cheers or tears,
And they pick the election date because they are allowed,
No set-election dates and they are so proud.

They call it good government or didn’t you know?
Propaganda pumped out and backed up with our dough,
No referendums or recalls for submissive crowd,
We vote how we’re told when they tell us out loud.

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