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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Deep Down in Your Gut

Deep Down in Your Gut


James Bredin

It helps if you’re amnesiac and never exam,
Scandals like Shawinigate, HRDC or adscam,
Conveniently forgotten by Liberals for now,
As they still tax and spend and travel and how.

Overlook that stuff because facts are forgotten,
Especially about a corrupt government so rotten,
Pompous propaganda pounded out every day,
Stamp us as servile and we’re so easy to betray.

Dominant special-interest groups should have shocked us all,
Want us all to be bilingual just like Montreal,
Politically correct multicultural too,
Lenient soft justice system thrown into that stew.

Forget Referendum Three coming down the line,
Though they came within one percent the last time,
Chretien’s Clarity Act will clear up all that mess,
Was it him who started adscam; now let me guess.

And though they can have a referendum; we can not,
We’re in that part of the country that time forgot,
But, they say, they’re going to give us a tax cut,
Now don’t you feel thankful, deep down in your gut?

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